Succinctly categorized as "avant-garde orchestra over massive beats and bass," Demolition Squad's Hit It thunders by like a squadron of Flying Fortresses, carpet bombing you with timpani, tubas, brass sections, and string quartets while shaking the foundations of your house with the sonic upheaval of the monstrous engines. In the world of make-believe where everything happens like it should, Ridley Scott would be asking Vangelis and Scorn to provide the soundtrack for Black Hawk Down and this is what it would sound like. In "Doin' It Again" a massive, pounding low end shudders beneath a radio report from the war zone while strings caper and shriek like echoes from Guernica. "Change of Strategy" is a whirlwind of source material sprayed over the top of a steady rock beat--an errant woodwind yanked out of Disney's Fantasia and forced to perform for pocket change, the Kronos Quartet doing a recreation of the fire-bombing of Dresden, turntable trickery, radio signals and voices processed into a thick soup--it's a testament to Kim Koschka and Jim Goetsch's skills at reconstruction that the whole structure doesn't collapse beneath them.

But then it isn't just a matter of happy luck by which Koschka and Goetsch achieve their sonic creations. Growing up with and claiming as influence such artists as Miles Davis (during his electric years), Weather Report, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Pierre Boulez, and Bill Laswell, the duo have scooped off the most rhythmic and eclectic aspects of each and blendered them into their own creative outlook on music. "Get On Down" begins with their amalgamation of strings, beats, and intercepted radio transmissions and grows heavier and more massive, expanding into a firestorm of sound as air raid sirens and distant artillery fire mete out a dervish-style syncopation that can only herald the conflagration left in the wake of a napalm attack.

A highly polished dark soundtrack, Demolition Squad's Hit It delivers a solid strike to the solar plexus, a forceful punch that you will feel down through your bones and up through the nerve endings in your brain. Highly recommended.

-Mark Teppo

July 2001

Demolition Squad

Hit It