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Atmospheric sound layers, textures and beats mirror the widely diverse landscapes of Arizona

Each track is named after some amazing place in Arizona. "Arcosanti" is an experimental city that exists in center of Arizona. "Highway 2" is some of the most remote two lane road in America, leading to "Second Mesa", the ancestral home of the Hopi Indians. "Gila Bend" is an town barely bigger than an intersection, and "Echo Canyon" in central Phoenix was at one time a very sacred Native American Indian Community, where the artist's childhood home is. The disc's arrangement is such that the record feels like an audio road trip through this widely diverse landscape that the Hopis regard as the spiritual center of North America.


Vital Weekly: "Go to Arizona, get a car and let the album become the soundtrack for cruising the natural landscapes. Alternatively just take a lean back at home and enjoy this excellent album of ambient beauty."

Bill Binkelman / Wind and Wire: "Without a doubt, one of the top releases of 2002 and, as far as I'm concerned, a must have for serious lovers of the broad category of music that is labeled ambient these days."

Mark Teppo / Earpollution: "We need documents like this for every region of the world, recordings which translate space into sound, turning vistas and landscapes into symphonic explorations of ambient music and rhythm."

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complete review from "Wind and Wire"


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"Places In Arizona" has been featured on PBS radio stations across the country on John Diliberto's syndicated radio show "Echoes", as well as L.A.'s famous KXLU FM on the long running "Alien Air Music" show of Pat Murphy. The record has also been featured on the well known Los Angeles radio station KCRW on "Morning Becomes Eclectic", "Blueprint", "Pop Secret", "Broadband" and "Weekend Becomes Eclectic". Online play includes "Wind and Wire" and "Aural Innovations".

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places in arizona

sound samples

01 arcosanti

02 ventana

03 tusayan

04 gila bend

05 cibola

06 highway 2

07 quartzite

08 second mesa

09 nazlini

10 low mountain

11 quiervo

12 echo canyon

13 paradise valley