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Abstract electronics, beats and bass hit the highway

While making this record, Subversive Element was obsessed with hearing the sound of '60s electronic music, like that of the WDR Cologne studio, mixed over dubby beats and bass. He also wanted the music to have the same feeling of spaciousness that he got during his many trips through Arizona, Utah and New Mexico.

As the tracks for this record came together, he began to see that the record was acquiring a narrative as if on one of those trips. So it became clear that the record should be called “Road Trip” with each track named as another day in the journey.

about the artist

Subversive Element (Jim Goetsch) began as a jazz saxophonist, opening with his band for acts like Gil Scott-Heron and touring with blues legend Albert King, then later went off completely into electronic music. In 1997 he formed Biomechanique with DJ Luke Collins, performing in the L.A. area at places like Gabor Szupo's Lumpy Gravy, Spaceland, and Luna Park. In 2000, he released Demolition Squad "Hit It" with virtual orchestra master Kim Koschka, with Collins making guest appearances on two tracks with turntables and samplers. That record received a 9 out of 10 rating from Alternative Press.

His solo project has been Subversive Element, which he releases on his Psychosomatic Records label. In recent years he has performed as part of the Novabeats Sound System at the Knitting Factory in L.A. and Create/Fixate art events, as well doing live broadcasts on Pat Murphy's long-running "Alien Air Music" show on L.A.'s innovative KXLU. His tracks have also been played on L.A.'s equally well-known KCRW.

In 2007 he made a guest appearance on alto sax on "Drawn Straws", the first release from the Strato Ensemble, a radically new fusion of electronica with ECM style jazz.

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