Psychosomatic Records

It's all in your head


The newest addition to our Beats series

Critical Mass was a 1998 release from downtempo artists in the L.A. area that is currently is enjoying a second life online with many new fans. So Psychosomatic has brought in the producer of that compilation to create a new volume with many of the original artists as well as some great new finds, check it out here. Official release is 12/1/23

About the label

Psychosomatic Records is a Santa Fe based label that was created in 1998 as an outlet for creative works not bound by passing fashions in music, thus these works have stood well over time.

The label has produced three series of releases:

Beats - Mixing new elements over twisted beats and bass

Soundscapes - A collection of sonic landscapes inspired by the American Southwest

Experimental Jazz - Pushing jazz forward into new & unexplored territory