The return of an underground legend

Critical Mass was a 1998 release from downtempo artists in the L.A. area that is currently is enjoying a second life online with many new fans. So Psychosomatic has brought in the producer of that compilation to create a new volume with many of the original artists as well as some great new finds, check it out here. Official release is 12/1/23

New Soundcapes series release

The Wilderness Gate Sessions are the product of three Santa Fe based musicians using laptops to create work that is both experimental yet very intuitive, intended to have a visceral impact upon the listener. For more info, go here

Soundcapes series release from Sarama<>Miraz

The soundscapes of "Soul and Matter" were recorded in the early days of the Covid -19 pandemic. These recordings capture the intensity that was growing in the world and the trauma of quarantining and isolation. However, SARAMA<>MIRAZ also manage to capture some of the poignant beauty that lies in the human condition of hope and faith. Find out more here.

Soundscape series project from Jim Goetsch of Baker's Brew

The latest entry into the Soundscape series from Psychosomatic Records is the Double Image project, which began as soundscape experiments by Jim Goetsch using synthesizer sequences for rhythm rather than drums to create a more low key sound, an idea that grew out of revisiting early Tangerine Dream records as well as some of the more atmospheric works of Jon Hassell. More information on this release here.

Digital-only release from Baker's Brew

"New Territory", the latest recording from Baker's Brew, is available now as a digital-only release at Bandcamp . This digital-only release is the follow-up to “New Works”, which has been hailed by the Italian jazz magazine JAZZit as “An Album of the Future”. “New Territory” continues their forward looking directions in jazz with five new spontaneous compositions plus realizations of two new electronic pieces. 

Psychosomatic Records on Spotify

Hear a three hour mix of tracks from the label now on Spotify